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Knee pain can be life changing. However, it can be easily managed if it’s assessed and treated correctly. If your knee pain is keeping you from running, exercising or even using the stairs in your house, it’s time to get it checked out!

The knee is what’s called a “hinge joint.” If you think of a door hinge, the hinge only moves one of two ways, open or close. In the case of your knee, it bends and it straightens out. But, there’s also some rotation movement at the knee as well. Often times if your knee is sore or painful from your daily activities, it’s coming from structures in your knee that are irritated by being either partly bent or extended and rotated. The great news is there are things you can start doing that will help it feel better and get you running, exercising and taking the stairs again!

What do we do for knee pain?

First, we get your story. Second, we make sure nothing serious or scary is going on in your knee and the surrounding structures. Third, we put a plan in place for you and your knee to get on the road to recovery. Your part will include at home therapeutic exercise. Our part will include selection from different muscle and joint treatments to supplement and speed up your recovery. We use Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) for your knee pain, dry needling, or other muscle therapies. Typical knee treatment plans take 4-8 visits and are geared to keep you active and moving the entire time.

Questions regarding your knee pain? We’d love to answer them!