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Road tripping with the family to Florida seemed like a great idea at the time. See some great sites, spend some quality time with the family, and end up at the beach for a few days. The trip was stressful, but now you are on your way back home. Three hours into the drive to Kansas City, you and your family pull over at a rest stop. As you get out of the car, it hits you out of nowhere.


It takes a couple seconds to stand upright, and now you have a new sensation, low back pain.

“But I haven’t had low back pain in at least 5 years,” you say to yourself. “What gives?!”

You make it back home to Kansas City with your new acquaintance, low back pain. “Ugh,” you say to yourself. “I don’t have time to be slowed down by this!”

Your friends all rave about their chiropractor, so you find their website and book an appointment. At your visit, you tell the chiropractor about your back pain and how it started towards the end of family vacation. They nod along as you tell your story. “We road tripped to Florida, and we back packed around the sites. We were so busy we didn’t stick to our normal exercise routine. And on top of that, we sweat a lot while we were there, and it was really hard to stay hydrated! I haven’t had back pain for at least 5 years. Why does it hurt now?”

The chiropractor acknowledges your story. “Family trips are no vacation for the parents, and this was a stressful event on your body. We see this all the time, and the great news is you will feel better very quickly!”

“Great!” you say. “But what led up to this back pain?”

The chiropractor smiles and says, “Several things. Driving can be rough on backs because we don’t move for long periods of time. This makes muscles tight and joints stiff. Once you arrived, the back packing was even harder on your body since it was already stiff. The new physical activities overloaded your system a bit, and the dehydration definitely didn’t help things. Lastly, research shows us once you have back pain, there’s a good chance you’ll have it again. ”

“Makes sense,” you say.

“Our treatment for your low back pain will consist of getting the joints in your low back moving better and helping the muscles loosen up with therapies and exercise,” the chiropractor states.

“Great! Let’s get started!” A few treatments later, your back is as good as ever, and you’re already planning the next family vacation.