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There are many myths floating around out there about flat feet. The good news is this: “Flat feet are not a curse!”

Many patients come to us after being told a lot of unsupported generalities regarding their flat feet. Most of their stories make us cringe! We do our best to educate everyone about their feet, and we dispel the stories and myths they have been told with facts about how their feet function. Some popular “Myths about flat feet” we hear include:

  • You’re going to have foot, ankle, or low back pain the rest of your life.
  • You’re going to have arthritis at an early age.
  • You’re going to have plantar fasciitis.
  • You need orthotics the rest of your life.
  • Or the ever popular, “You overpronate.”

What we do know about flat feet:

  • Your feet are flat.

Pes planus is the technical term for flat feet. This term refers to the main arch of your foot not being as “arched” compared to others. Your arch can be flat and loose or flat and rigid. Loose or rigid describes the joints of your arch and the rest of the foot. The 33 joints in the foot act to absorb shock and send you zipping along your way. And treatments are very different between the rigid and loose arched individuals.

Our thoughts about orthotics for flat-footed individuals:

Many people who come to us have been prescribed orthotics for their flat feet. There is great scientific proof out there that long term orthotic use will weaken the muscles in your feet. This is bad. People will get orthotics generally because their feet are sore. This soreness usually indicates muscle weakness in the supporting muscles of the feet. If orthotics further weaken the foot muscles, now it’s very difficult to wear shoes without them or even walk barefoot. Without the support of the orthotic, the body is forced to support itself, and if it’s weak, it gets tired and sore very quickly. The soreness afterwards can be almost unbearable. This is the body screaming out for foot strength.

At KC Performance Chiropractic & Rehab, foot complaints get prescribed rehab. In rare instances do we recommend orthotics. Remember, flat feet are not a curse and do not doom you to a life of pain and injury!