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How to have better runs, make your body more resilient and ultimately become more awesome!

“I just want to run!” This is a statement we hear all the time. The aches and injuries that slow down those runs are frustrating and annoying!

If you want your runs to feel better, want to ward off common running injuries by making yourself more resilient, and in general feel more awesome, this runners’ e-book is for you!


Many of the aches and injuries runners experience are ones we excel at treating at KC Performance Chiropractic & Rehab! Plantar fasciitis, knee pain, butt pain, hip flexor issues, and low back pain are not uncommon for runners, and they are some of the conditions we see and successfully treat the most! Each exercise in this e-book is taken directly out of our patients rehab plans.

Aches and pains with any activity are expected. Research has repeatedly shown if you have dealt with any of the issues above or any other condition we haven’t listed, there’s a good chance you will experience it again. The good news is this: if you make yourself stronger, more mobile, or more resilient, you may not have to deal with that previous injury ever again!

Let’s unpack that last statement!
If you are stronger, conditions like hip pain and plantar fasciitis are much less likely!
If you are more mobile, injuries at the foot and hip are less likely!
If you’re more resilient, stepping in a hole or falling off a curb can be less troublesome!

Running at your best without drugs or surgery is why we do what we do. Implement some or all of the exercises into your training program and enjoy the results! If an ache or injury is still slowing you down, we’ll be here to get you back to performing at your best!