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Shoulder Mobility for Baseball Pitchers and Position Players

Today we’re discussing shoulder warm-ups for baseball players, although these exercises are beneficial for anyone needing better shoulder mobility. Before throwing hard, it’s crucial to test a few key motions: reaching the arm across the body, reaching the arm straight back behind the body, and reaching back towards the opposite shoulder blade. If any of these movements feel tight, focus on mobilizing the shoulder in that position.

For horizontal adduction (reaching the arm across the body), find the tightest spot by experimenting with different arm positions. Once located, grab the arm and pull it across to stretch it. Use your free hand to grab a fence post, dugout, or doorframe, or use your opposite arm to pull across as far as comfortably possible. This stretch should not be painful—just a good stretch. Repeat a few times, then retest your range of motion. If it improves, proceed with your warm-up.

If shoulder extension (moving the arm straight back) feels tight, we can stretch it by using a baseball bat, golf club, PVC pipe, or dowel rod. Hold the bat with the opposite arm and push the tight arm back into extension as far as you can. Gradually, you should be able to move further back as your shoulder loosens up. Retest your range of motion to ensure improvement.

For internal rotation (reaching behind your back towards the other shoulder blade), grab your right arm behind your back with your left hand and pull it up, over, and across your back. Repeat this motion 12 to 20 times to mobilize the shoulder effectively. After completing the repetitions, retest all your ranges of motion.

Performing these three movements before warming up is essential, especially as you advance in your training and playing years. Maintaining shoulder mobility is key to keeping your shoulders healthy for as long as possible.

Be sure to check out our video walk through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfA2Hezu0UU

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