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Our Approach to Treating Your Shoulder Pain

When you visit us with shoulder pain, we take a systematic approach to assess your range of motion. Starting with shoulder flexion and abduction, we evaluate how your arms move both in front and to the sides. Additionally, shoulder extension is examined by moving one arm at a time straight back behind you, with variations in palm orientation.

Identifying any pain or restrictions in these motions becomes our starting point for treatment. Suppose shoulder extension is particularly challenging. In that case, we recommend a simple exercise you can try at home or in the gym to encourage shoulder extension. This involves placing your palm face down on a surface behind you, squatting down, and gradually working toward an improved range of motion.

For those experiencing discomfort reaching back with the palm facing forward, we provide a similar setup with the palm facing up. Both exercises emphasize gradually working toward increased mobility while respecting your body’s discomfort limits. We retest these movements periodically to gauge progress.

If persistent shoulder pain continues, especially when reaching behind your back, we offer a home mobility routine. This routine involves gentle movements, like reaching behind your back and pulling your arm across your body, designed to enhance shoulder mobility and reduce discomfort. These exercises are very effective at reducing your shoulder pain!

Finally, if your shoulders remain sore and tight despite these efforts, it’s essential to consider professional evaluation. In our examinations, we adopt a comprehensive approach, assessing shoulder movement, as well as the mobility of neck and upper back joints. Around 50% of shoulder pain cases can be linked to limitations in these areas. Our holistic method involves addressing restrictions and implementing targeted exercises, proven effective in our practice.

Along with mobilizing the appropriate joints with exercise or chiropractic adjustments, we may also use A.R.T. (Active Release Technique), dry needling, cupping or other muscle therapies to help get you performing at your best!

Whether you’re in the North Kansas City area or elsewhere, we’re here to assist. If you’re not local, let us know, and we’ll help connect you with a skilled practitioner in your vicinity.

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